Tuesday, October 12, 2010

How Can Online Counselling Help You

Power of Mind private online counselling is a professional, confidential service providing one on one counselling for individuals of all ages to assist and support those individuals who may need support and assistance in a private, secure and confidential manner at home, in the workplace or anywhere in particular the client would like to access the internet.

Being able to access an online counselling service can be of great support and comfort to the individual client as seeking help through a private chat with a counsellor can be an easy, effective and cost effective way of seeking counselling with a professional at anytime it suits the client. This service allows the clients to save time on travelling and being able to access help at there fingertips.

Child abuse issues can affect individuals for many years. It is important to consider the issues, symptoms and difficulties clients experience throughout there adult life. Child abuse has crucial effects on individuals such as emotional, psychological issues of anger, hatred, guilt, betrayal, commitment and relationship hardship. Power of Mind gives you the opportunity to discuss issues with a counsellor and be supported, listened to and and provide an understanding that it is necessary to continue and function in everyday life. The client needs to feel the counsellor is there as a support to help through the past issues and be helped to gradually overcome the painful struggle they have experienced. Counselling is important to any individual who has experienced sexual abuse at any age and any culture. The cycle of sexual abuse can be so difficult and the individual will find it hard to feel accepted and to feel loved.

Karen* was a victim of sexual abuse for many years. Karen did not seek any counselling and felt very ashamed and embarrassed by what had happening to her. Karen was afraid that nobody would believe her and what she was experiencing. Karen failed to tell anyone out of her family and friends what had happened to her throughout many years. Due to Karen feeling the symptoms, difficulties and struggling to cope with everyday activities Karen decided to eventually seek help from a professional counsellor and gained the support , counselling and help she needed to continue with her life she was able to feel better, she felt relieve in being able to tell someone. Karen was able to finally talk about her feelings, the anger, hurt, sadness and the emptiness she felt for a long time and Karen felt more at ease being able to be comforted and supported by a counsellor. As Karen also had a low self esteem she was not comfortable in seeing a counsellor face to face Karen heard about a private online counselling service and found it helped.

Issues of child abuse are very painful, it is very hard to be able to open up and talk about your experiences and deal with such horrific issues. It is important to note that help and support is always out there, there are counselors that can help, support and encourage clients to feel better and feel at ease knowing that importance of effective professional counselors are here to acknowledge the painful experience and be there to provide assistance, support and be there for the client.

If you feel you know anyone who could benefit from online counselling, tell them about Power of Mind. Please feel free to contact Power of Mind Private Online Counselling Service at www.powerofmind.com.au and please feel free to email private_counselling@yahoo.com.au at anytime for any further queries.

*name has been changed.

What is online counselling?

Online Counselling is the interaction between the counsellor and the client through the use of the internet. Counselling is communicated through the use of a messenger program so the counsellor and client are able to directly chat.

Power of Mind private online counselling is an established service that offers a convenient and suitable way of being able to log on to counselling sessions with an experienced counsellor through online communication.

For more information on Power of Mind, go to www.powerofmind.com.au or email private_counselling@yahoo.com.au.

Advantages of Online Counselling

There are a number of Advantages of Online Counselling:

The client is able to reflect / Re read communication - The process of writing down thoughts and feelings can be particularly powerful. For some, this can help to focus thoughts and concerns.

There is also an increased level of comfort as online counselling provides support with great ease through text based chat with a counsellor and eliminates feelings of embarrassment that comes with face to face counselling.

Online counselling is a simple and cost effective way of seeking counselling with a professional and there is no travelling time involved for the client.

I have a passion and dedication to help others to be there as a support and to assist them in the best possible way I can. I find counselling very rewarding and I am happy to make a difference.